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Characteristics Of Filament Geotextiles

Filament geotextile features a good mechanical function, good water permeability, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, isolation, filtration, drainage, protection, stability, reinforcement, and other functions, can adapt to uneven base, can resist the destruction of construction external force, creep small, the long-term load can still maintain the first function.

It can replace the normal engineering materials and construction methods, construction is safer, and contribute to environmental protection, which can more economical, effective and lasting to unravel the essential problems in engineering construction.

Characteristics Of Filament Geotextiles
1. Strength — under an equivalent gram weight specification, the lastingness altogether directions is above other non-woven needled fabrics;
2. Anti-ultraviolet light — very high anti-ultraviolet ability;
3. Extreme high-temperature resistance — high-temperature resistance up to 230℃, the structure is unbroken and therefore the original physical performance is maintained at high temperature;
4. Permeability and plane drainage — the polyester nonwoven geotextile for sale is thick and needle-shaped, with good plane drainage and vertical permeability, which may be maintained after many years;
5. Creep resistance — creep resistance of geotextiles is best than that of wholesale filament nonwoven geotextile. It can withstand the erosion of common chemical substances within the soil and therefore the corrosion of gasoline, diesel, etc.
6. Ductility — geotextile has good elongation under certain stress in order that it can adapt to an uneven irregular base.

Technical characteristics of filament high quality polyester nonwoven geotextile: the thickness of geotextiles can make sure the three-dimensional voidage of filament nonwoven geotextile purchasable, which is conducive to the belief of fantastic hydraulic properties. The bursting strength of geotextiles has great advantages, especially suitable for wall and embankment reinforcement. The indexes of geotextile exceed the national standard and are excellent geotextile reinforcing materials.


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