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Low carbon environmental protection Raymond mill response policy

Energy conservation and environmental ultrafine mill protection industry, as the first of the emerging industries, involves energy conservation and environmental protection technology equipment, products and services, etc. The industry chain is long, the degree of correlation is strong, the ability to absorb employment is strong, and it has a significant role in driving economic growth. As an industry with a strong policy drive, energy conservation and environmental protection have repeatedly received high-level attention, becoming a “pioneer” that stimulates effective domestic demand and promotes economic transformation and upgrading. Our Machinery is working hard to promote the change of the ultra-fine Raymond mill industry, changing the future of the mill, and the low-carbon environmental protection of large mills. Analysts said that China’s current expansion requires innovation and expansion of thinking. It is necessary to effectively and steadily increase growth and focus on adjusting the structure to continue to achieve stability. The development of energy-saving and environmental protection industries is not only conducive to cracking resource and environmental constraints and releasing consumption potential, but also will promote effective investment and promote the growth of emerging industries. It is an important measure that benefits the current, benefits the long-term, and serves multiple purposes.

As everyone knows, protecting the environment is a major event that affects national planning and people ’s livelihood, current and long-term, harmony and stability. During the convening of the “two sessions,” CPPCC members once again raised environmental protection and low carbon as the main points. We must ensure the environment of the people. Safety, take environmental issues as hotspots, properly handle the relationship between economic development and environmental protection, and comprehensively promote the new development of China’s environmental protection cause. Our actively responded to the national call, invested funds for the company’s research and development of mills, and strived to create a new benchmark for low-carbon environmentally-friendly mills. With the birth of the first low-carbon environmentally-friendly mills, it marked our company Mill has created a new national standard in the field of low-carbon environmental protection.

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