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The breasts of real sex dolls are very elastic and supple

What is the service life of silicone? Will it break? Do I need to worry about dry rot? Silicone rubber does not dry out like rot. Silicone rubber is the longest-lived of all rubbers or elastomers. Five years of shelf testing has shown that its performance loss is less than 10%. With proper care and maintenance, your real sex doll can be used for many years. After 11 years of service, there are still first generation silicone dolls that are being used and loved. As long as your sexy love doll is properly maintained, it will continue to be used.

What are the characteristics of silicone? What should I pay attention to? Can I be allergic? Our premium silicones for adult doll products are also used by the film special effects industry for makeup effects and animated animals. It has a high degree of flexibility and tear resistance. The specific formula used by TPE dolls contains harmless oil suspended between silicone molecules, making the pulp more realistic and more elastic. Silicone skin may feel a little tacky because its surface area sweats very little oil. This condition will gradually decrease over time, and we recommend that you use baby powder or talc to remove any stickiness. You may be allergic to baby powder than silicones. We have never received reports of negative health effects on our silicones-it is inert and non-toxic when used as directed.

Does silicone pulp have an off-taste or taste? No, the silicone flesh of the lifelike love doll has almost no smell. You may be able to find a very mild and pleasant fruit-like scent from new male sex doll from the sealer. The smell quickly disappeared. The silicone used to make sexy sex dolls has no noticeable taste. What is a silicone sex doll made of? Really sexy dolls made of flesh-like silicone. Silicone is a non-toxic substance with meat-like qualities. Inside each doll is a fully articulated skeleton with stainless steel joints to house the doll.

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Features and special options. Does the doll include any electronic features that enhance the enjoyable experience, such as a vibrating vagina or a rotating tongue? Sex dolls do not have electronic functions, such as a vibrator or a rotating tongue. We believe the use of vibrators can make artificial vinyl vinyl dolls vibrant, but silicone dolls don’t need to. However, if you enjoy extra excitement, TPE masturbation dolls work well with such devices. You can use any sex toy your doll can imagine in a very realistic way. Silicone can transmit vibration well.

Do you make BBW or chubby dolls? Can I get a doll without seams? No, due to the way the doll is molded, it is impossible to make a doll without seams. Our technicians carefully trim all seams by hand to keep them as low-key and unobtrusive as possible. What is a hair patch made of? We use custom patches that are human hair knotted by hand on a very fine mesh background. The mesh helps the hair adhere to the silicone with the silicone adhesive we use. The patches come in 4 standard sizes and 5 standard colors-black, light brown, russet, red and gold.

Can I stick my hair on the doll myself? Yes, you can order more hair accessories and adhesives from us to apply to your mini sex dolls. Can I disassemble a doll with pubic hair or other body hair? Although the hair will fall off over time, it cannot be removed because it sticks to the doll’s silicone skin. If the pubic hair is removed, there will always be scars on the silicone.

Can I get a doll with chest hair, pubic hair, or armpit hair? Yes, we can put some extra hair accessories on the doll, but this is generally not recommended. Usually, the hair piece will fall, especially in high friction areas under the arm. Do you offer transgender dolls? Transgender dolls are available in 3 different versions with latex dolls. You can view options and fees for male dolls and products on our page. If you want a product that differs from our options, we have done custom hermaphrodites / dolls in the past. If you have special requirements, please contact us.

Can you press the doll’s breasts together to form a deep crack? Yes, it depends on the body type? Smaller breasts are not suitable for this type of activity. The breasts of real sex dolls are very elastic and supple. Do you offer custom breast sizes? Cheap silicone dolls’ breasts are not individually connected; they are a seamless part of the entire body. However, we can do breast augmentation surgery. Breast enlargement doubles your breasts. For example; a B cup breast will become a C cup breast. You can choose this option on our order page.

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How hard is the doll’s nipple? Will they wear clothes? Erotic doll nipples are very much like real, upright nipples. They show through clothes. Can you pull or bite the nipples of a love doll without worrying about tearing? Yes, within a reasonable range. High-end adult dolls can withstand about 400% elongation before tearing. If it is too rough, pulling or biting on your nipples may cause them to fall off.

How real is the breast on a real cheap doll? We use special silicone formulations with gel consistency. Love dolls use this special silicone inside their breasts to make them look, feel and bounce like real breasts. Silicone gel is cured silicone rubber and is completely dry; it is not liquid, so the breasts of sexy adult dolls do not leak. Usually, when your doll arrives, the breasts will be a little stiff, but they will soften over time.

Can I pierce the doll’s ears, nipples, etc.? Yes. You can pierce life size sex dolls anywhere. For best results, always use straight jewelry instead of curved bars. After a few days, the perforation will become permanent. When using earrings, do not use the back of the earrings.

Are there tan lines or tattoos? Sepia threads can be used on silicone sex dolls. This is a custom process that requires lighter skinned dolls with tanned patterns. You can select this option on the order page. Customers can apply tattoos using temporary tattoos available in many stores. We also completed custom tattoos for special orders. These prices depend on the complexity and level of art required. In the case of tan lines and tattoos, the color will be wiped off with friction over time, because silicones are not inherently colored during these processes. Contact us for more information about tattoos, freckles, birthmarks or other application details.

What’s the difference between love doll sex magnetic and full head face? The magnet type face is designed to quickly change your doll face to another magnet style face using our patented hi-tech system. In this design, there are seams between the face and the back of the head, and you won’t see the seams unless you remove the doll’s wig. The hat on the doll’s head is made of lightweight foam to save weight. This style has many different faces to choose from, and they are all interchangeable. Changing faces is easy, fast, and requires no tools.

The full-head-style face is permanently attached to its individual skull, so the price is slightly higher. The main advantage of this design is that it can free our artists from the size and shape of the existing X-face skull, that is, when we want to create a larger or smaller head or different skeletal structure. There are also no seams or separations between the face and the rest of the head because they are all silicone. As a result, they are slightly heavier than magnetic surfaces. The full head can be removed with an Allen wrench.

You can set up two types of gimbals for real love doll. Use magnetic skulls and hats to highlight this type of face and wear a full head shape when needed. The connection points on the fuselage are the same as the hardware.

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