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Held convictions are reduced to ashes

During her investigation to the anomalies, Xelor’s Emissary met a young Masqueraider in Dofus Kamas who could predict events which had not yet taken place. This strange experience, although it had all of the components of the ongoing instances, appeared nonetheless to proceed beyond the reach of her investigation. She advised Magus Ax the case of the child had as much to do with a disturbance of time as it did the kingdom of nightmares and dreams…

Tales and dreams are and long-held convictions are reduced to ashes. But the dream must be fed, also it will weaken. Its colours fade, its details become blurry, and their significance is lost by its symbols. The future looks dim. One day, mortals will dream no more… The dreamlands of which I am the protector will then be in fantastic peril. With the support of talented adventurers, I must do.

His dreams seem to have outlines which are more precise than usual. Over shadows, they reflections of truth. It could be a kind of anomaly that may end at any time as fast as it seemed, or a present, especially in a deadly, if that is the case. Either way, dreams leave a vague belief they were there, a memory that may be deciphered by individuals knows how to craft dreams.

Throughout my journey, all of a sudden, I saw him very clearly. I stretched my wings a little more to Buy Kamas Dofus Retro to allow myself be carried away by the waves of the Twelvians’ fantasies. The acceleration was so abusive I believed I’d been swept away. I was led by the currents straight. He must have been in the middle of a deep sleep. There was a time when mortals’ dreams’ rivers were as powerful as this one. This feeling seemed to be the nearest to what Twelvians known as well-being. Gently, although I let myself slide at high speed, and in that moment, I knew a bit better why a lot of them hunted this tranquility.

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