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What are the advantages of cotton towels?

Advantages of cotton: hygroscopicity
The advantage of cotton fabrics is that the cotton fibers contained in them have good hygroscopicity. Generally, they can absorb moisture into the surrounding atmosphere. Its moisture content is 8-10%, which guarantees our cotton. Towels make people feel soft and comfortable when they touch the skin without that dry stiffness.

Advantages of cotton: heat resistance
Studies have found that the printed beach towel we use every day have relatively good heat resistance. Even at 100 degrees Celsius, cotton towels will only evaporate water, but it has no major impact on the cotton fiber itself . Therefore, it is also indirect that our cotton towels can be washed, printed and dyed at will, without much impact.

Advantages of cotton: Alkali resistance
Alkali resistance can be said to be a relatively large feature of cotton fabrics. Because cotton fibers have a high resistance to alkalis, cotton fabrics will not be damaged in alkaline solutions, and it is also because of cotton fabrics. With such properties, it is convenient to wash and disinfect items to a large extent, and it is also conducive to dyeing, printing and various processes of cotton textiles. This is the obvious position that custom printed bath towel occupy a relatively dominant position. Advantage.

Advantages of cotton: hygiene
The raw material of cotton towels comes from naturally grown cotton, and the cotton fiber in cotton is natural fiber, and its main component is cellulose. Cotton towels are composed of these cotton fibers. After a comprehensive inspection and practice of pure cotton fabrics, it is concluded that the cotton fabrics have better contact with the skin and are more suitable for everyone to use. With good fabrics combined with advanced technology to produce excellent products, the cotton era of digital printing products has also quietly arrived.


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