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This TPE sex doll feels better than a real woman

Will there be water in the realistic sex doll? No, because the doll is solid silicone, water will not be trapped inside the doll. The doll’s body is not hollow. Is it possible to actually damage my doll’s clothes? If dolls are stored with these items for a long time, dark clothes stained with low-quality dyes can stain the silicone. As a precaution, wash all dark and bright clothes before putting them on the doll. Very tight or restrained straps left on the doll for a long time may form dents in her flesh, just like in real people. But unlike real human flesh, silicones lose shape memory. In other words, you can wear your doll in a corset, underwire bra, etc., but don’t store it in such clothes for long.

What is your international shipping policy for doll orders? Real sex dolls are packed in unmarked and secure wooden shipping boxes by standard air shipping. The crate weighs about 200 pounds when loaded; the door is screwed. Inside the stuffed crate, the doll is safely suspended from a removable mounting bracket by a neck bolt, which can be installed in your home for safe storage of the doll. All goods are fully insured. The return address for all sex doll products is sent separately to the delivery address. Love Dolls are not displayed on any items that we mail or ship. Your privacy is important to us. International freight will be sent to your nearest international airport instead of directly to your doorstep. If you wish to be delivered from the airport to your home / office, you can arrange a service with our freight company or the transportation company of your choice for an additional fee. The shipping company cannot arrange delivery from the airport to your home.

Can my doll change facial expressions or blink? Although these faces can’t change their expressions and don’t close their eyes, we offer many standard face expressions and closed eyes. If there are available emoticon versions of your favorite emoticons, you will see emoticon versions with standard emoticons on our gallery page. How to measure the doll size? The measured values ​​of the sexy silicone doll shown are approximate. They are compiled from actual measurements taken from love doll sex. The shoes are given a slightly larger size to make them easier to place on the doll and less likely to damage toes. Click here to see our female doll sizes, and click here to see our male doll specifications.

cheap TPE doll

My best sex ever! I swear to heaven! This TPE adult doll feels better than a real woman. Because they are made of solid platinum silicone, realistic cheap sex dolls are highly resilient and can easily retain their realistic texture and appearance. Considering that silicone rubber can withstand temperatures of more than 400 degrees, you can safely share a hot bath with a silicone love doll, or you can place her under an electric blanket to keep her at a life-like temperature. Each true masturbation doll model also comes with a complete cleaning kit and an informative instruction manual, so you can take care of your lifelike models effortlessly for many years to come. Since launching its innovative system in 2004, realistic adult sexy dolls have been able to create a variety of life-size mannequins with interchangeable features.

Depending on the movement of the ocean, you may want a more flexible doll, or you may be satisfied with a mini sex dolls with less mobility. The flexibility of the joints can lead to a better experience, and the choice should be based on measures to be taken according to the doll’s plan. Vaginal, anal, oral? Most dolls have all three fully functional dolls, but some offer only three or two in the vagina. According to your doll’s plan, choose what suits your needs! male or female? This is an option you may not have thought of yet, but it is an important one. Do you want a male doll or a woman? Depending on what you want, you should choose accordingly. Some dolls do have the option to switch between female dolls or add a penis, so there are definitely dolls for everyone!

Can my doll wear any kind of clothes? Yes, you can wear anything you like for your doll, but if you want to wear your doll, we recommend avoiding thick clothes such as denim jeans or corsets such as boney items. Tight or heavy clothing may leave marks on the silicone, which will disappear permanently after a period of time. If you want to put jeans on your doll, we recommend putting pantyhose on it first so that the denim slides on the silicone. Dolls are easier to wear than shirts such as T-shirts or pullovers, buttons, ties, snaps or zip-closed shirts. Now you can buy beautiful clothes to fit your doll directly through us. For more information, please visit our store.

cheap TPE doll

What is your payment policy for international orders? How do I place an order from the outside …? All authentic love doll accessory products, FedEx or US Postal Service are shipped in plain cardboard packaging. Packages are always sent to you with the return address. No information on sex dolls is displayed on any items that we mail or ship. Your privacy is important to us. Adult articles delivered require an adult signature to prevent children from receiving or opening the package.

Our company is a patented skull and facial system that allows female love doll faces to be swapped like masks. For more information, see all our sex doll pages. Are there any interchangeable features for a life-size sex doll? Yes, female dolls are made using patented professional designers. See details below. The eyes and wigs of all dolls are also interchangeable. Male dolls have interchangeable penis and are available in various sizes.

The life-size final model is realistic, cheap sex dolls are lightweight, have a realistic texture, and are made from stainless steel parts and tools with aluminum fingertip shields so they can be placed anywhere you want. Real love doll mannequins allow you to choose your favorite interchangeable facial features and benefit from 7-inch deep removable oral inserts and countless other options including removable vaginal inserts, custom hairstyles and faces Enhancement options. Creating the ideal silicone supermodel has never been easier!

The price of my sex doll. Price is something you should always consider, because funding for sex dolls is not always the best decision. Depending on your budget and needs, you will be able to narrow your selection and pick the best sex doll! Without further ado, let’s dig deeper into the choice of sex dolls and choose a winner for you!


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