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Product Features of 5-axis CBN tool grinding

Product Features of 5-axis CBN tool grinding

Beijing demina Company is one of the 5-axis CBN tool grinding machine pioneers in China since 2009, it has started to launch the first generation five-axis CNC tool grinding machine S500T, and in 2016, the improved version of S500T+ with the A-axis as DD was launched. S500XA is the new upgraded version of S500T+, it is officially quantity launched in June 2018. We constantly improve and upgrade the machine design to ensure customer costs effectiveness and high level of product quality by using our machine, it’s greatly upgrading in quality and efficiency and is greatly welcomed by the market.

Compared with the S500T+, the S500XA has greatly improved in hardware and software. The marble base replaces the cast iron, the servo spindle replaces the electric spindle, and the C-axis uses precision bearings. The improvement part of a software system is that the system is newly upgraded, the transmission speed is fast, the resolution is higher, the processing speed is faster, the built-in machine with new design, small space, high efficiency. The overall equipment of S500XA has a significant increase in accuracy, stability, and efficiency.

5-axis CBN tool grinding equipment is suitable for processing round handle tools up to 12mm such as end mills, IT cutters,woodcutters, drills, reamers, step cutters and etc.

Processing Content of CBN tool sharpening machine
CBN tool sharpening machine types of processing and grinding tools: Round shank tools, such as integral milling cutters, IT cutters, woodworking cutters, medical tools, drills, reamers, and other hole processing tools, processing range 1 mm to 12 mm of solid carbide tools.

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