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substance is the raw material for many sex dolls

Realistic sex doll provide high-quality synthetic wigs that can be removed for styling, cleaned or completely replaced with any commercial wig. When brushing long wigs, it is best to use a metal brush or comb and start brushing a small part near the ends of the hair. Brush off the hair about 3 inches from the end until it is smooth, then gradually move up the wig towards the scalp. This will avoid tangling wigs. Synthetic fiber wigs are easier to maintain than human wigs.

Are there known health risks? How difficult is it to keep a lifelike love doll hygienic? There are no known health risks associated with sexy sex doll products. After manufacturing, each silicone adult doll will receive a thorough acetone bath. Keeping your doll hygienic is easy-you can clean the doll with a mild soap or detergent. Each TPE love sexy doll comes with a cleaning kit and easy-to-follow care and use instructions.

Blend dolls are a combination of multiple choices that span multiple doll rows, making unprecedented combinations possible. For example, pick up the silicone head and attach it to the main body of a TPE love doll or the main body of a sex toy series. Although not all combinations are possible, most combinations are available. So if you see your favorite face and your favorite body, which happen to come from different lines of our doll, please let us know and we will do our best to make this combination work.

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What is the best material for sex dolls? Sex dolls can be made from many different materials, but the two most common are TPE and silicone. With selective dolls, the materials used are important considerations because there are some key differences between the two. We will now cover both materials to make sure you understand the difference!

Why do real dolls cost as much as they do? Manufacturing is labor intensive and the cost of materials is high. Each male sex doll is handmade for the customer, which means that there will not be two identical dolls. We do our best to make realistic silicone dolls affordable, while providing the most realistic look and feel dolls on the market, the highest number of customization options, the highest quality, realistic look and feel, and the extraordinary beauty of our customers’ needs around the world Love doll.

TPE, also known as thermoplastic elastomer, is a very soft and very elastic substance and is the raw material for many sex dolls. It’s especially popular among cheap dolls, but that doesn’t mean it’s of lower quality. The real love doll was first launched in 1996. It is a life-size mannequin that takes sultry sex toys to a whole new level! The silicone doll is made of PVC skeleton, steel joint and platinum silicone outer material, which can reproduce the appearance, texture and weight of female, male or transgender form.

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Over the years, the design of these silicone supermodels has adapted and evolved to include all forms of interchangeable features. For example, a groundbreaking mechanized system was introduced in 2003 that allowed people to use various different models with their own defined features to change the face of their new cheap doll. In addition, since the launch of silicone love doll sex in 2009, removable oral, vaginal and facial inserts have been available that can be connected seamlessly and easily with magnets instead of Velcro. These ongoing innovations allow you to personalize life-size mannequins according to your choices and bring the wildest sexual fantasies into life!

We can and have shipped our products to most countries in the world, but some countries have greater import restrictions than others. We have a hard time shipping to Brazil, Mexico and other South American countries where dolls are sometimes confiscated at customs. We cannot do anything about it and cannot be held responsible for confiscated items. Please ensure that your country allows the import of such products.

Egypt and other African countries also have restrictions on novel adult products, but we have had greater success in this area. China and Japan have strict import restrictions on anatomically correct products. We can ship to these countries, but we will send the love doll sex a silicone patch covering the vagina. This patch is already stuck on it and needs to be removed at the time of shipment for the doll to work properly. We apply the patch in such a way that it will cause as little damage to the vagina as possible.

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