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I know a lot of people are turned off from the images

I know a lot of people are turned off from buy OSRS gold the images but after a week or so of playing it’ll click and you’ll see that it’s really an amazing art style that won’t ever change no matter what year it is. I have learned long ago graphics don’t make a good game. It is the content and gd does osrs have it. Have an open mind, give it a try and know that you are likely to be confused for a couple weeks. A sport you will never completely leave.

I have this odd relationship with OSRS. It is incredibly nostalgic for me personally, and as the others have expressed, I totally love the art design and songs. However, as a predominately casual player these days it just feels difficult to be relevant at all–“keeping up” is of course out of the question. The final go around I felt an itch and went back into it I just remember getting sad when I ran the numbers for how long doing xyz job would take me, and the number of times my helpless casual ass would take to achieve it. Even dedicating 100 percent of my gaming time (which I am more and more reluctant to perform as I get old ) every day so many things just seem out of reach.

OSRS is just one of these MMO. I blame me on it not being able to get into games such as WoW. You is a sandbox, I mean and you is a themepark, they are very different experiences. The sole similarities is that they both feature player trading along with a world. And the player trading is simply like a surface level.

Ive played runescape before but dont undrstand what’s intriguing about runescape? Everything seems repetitive and you do exactly the the same exact things for days like mining for exp, cut trees for hours, kill a few mobs, repeat. Pvp battle is similar to using one skill till you kill somebody. I dont find it interesting at all. Why?

Honestly I’ve tried getting my buddies and they say the exact same thing. Like what is the best place to buy osrs gold point of standing in a rock for hours. Dude I honestly can not answer it. Seeing my experience go up and understand that I’m working towards a goal is simply amazing when you actually reach what you’re working towards.

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