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MUT or purchase another game

I wish I knew I put on here and complain but I have to vent. It is hard when Madden 20 coins you really enjoy soccer but passionately hate this madden.Not purchasing game would be too extreme for many people, but the only true way, because there are too many people who love soccer and there’s absolutely nothing else in the market to serve as substitute. I believe main issue with late Madden iterations is that MUT makes them way too much cash and that is the sole reason (besides not having ANY competition in the marketplace ) why merchandise quality is in decline, they simply don’t see any point in focusing on anything else.

If somehow folks could confine themselves from MUT, that actually may improve things a little bit.Of course best thing is for another major company (likely one not hell bent on casino, like 2k) for NFL license, which isn’t possible, sadly.Personally I play M19 (since M20 does not work properly on my PC config) I purchased with big discount few months after launch. Gameplay isn’t marginally different, game itself sense way less bugged than what I’ve seen so far from M20, and I’m very happy with it actually.Im with ya. I plan on just downloading roster upgrades for Madden 20 until some real progress is made. I cant bring myself to pay for anything in MUT or purchase another game that is new for exactly the very same reasons you mentioned.

I’ve realized that I’ve made far too many of them lately but that is gonna be the last one the super bowl is now and soccer season is finally coming to a close having that said I sure as hell will miss soccer but I damn sure won’t overlook madden. I tried to perform this morning and I told myself I would not get mad I would just have fun with it and I am sorry but it’s fucking impossible if you’re playing. It sucks when you’re enjoying a fantastic close match and all the sudden you’re driving to find the direct and you fumble.

Fortunately you get a stop using your entire timeouts, and start forcing one final time to buy mut coins for all the marbles, you get inside the ten with 15 seconds to go and boom another fumble on a hb dip to Bo Jackson. Without making an actual mistake, you turned the ball over on consecutive drives and you dropped because of it. I am not saying I’d have won, I hate losing as much as anyone else but for once id just like to feel as though I was really outplayed but rather I always feel that I’m destined to shed certain games regardless of what I do or what adjustments I create. For the love of god I need a support group for the anger this match causes me, rant over. Sunday, Thank you for coming to my ted talk super bowl.

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