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Installation Guide Of Geonet

Tai’an Taidong Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. have some professional advice on the installation process of geonet.

1. During the development , alittle bamboo pole or alittle wooden stick are often wont to Pierce the entire coil of mesh pad and pull out the mesh pad at an equivalent time. Bamboo nails, wooden nails or plastic nails are often used round the mat HDPE geonet for sale. the space between nails is 30cm and there are 10 nails per square metre .
2. The length of nails is usually 15cm(from the ground), the loose surface should lengthen the length of nails, within the high slope laid, the length of nails utilized in the upper slope should be longer than the length of the lower slope.
3. Where the terrain is abrupt or complex, attention should be paid to keeping the mesh mat flat and increasing the density of nails.
4. concentrate to the splice . The length of the splice is 2cm. Nails at the splice should be driven in consistent with things .
5. the form of the nail, the width of the nail top end should be greater than 2 times the diameter of the mesh cushion, so on play a vertical repression role at an equivalent time.
6. The sowing depth of grass seeds should be determined consistent with the commercial conditions of the soil and native conditions wholesale HDPE geonet. Grass seeds should be selected as suitable for local climate . Grass seeds with long roots and developed ones should be interplanted with perennials with long roots.
7. The sowing depth of grass seeds should be within the mesh mat, so on enhance the effectiveness of the composite protective layer.
8. After sowing grass seeds, the topsoil coverage depth should be mainly to hide the mat, don’t expose the mat to the sun, so as to increase the service life. However, attention must be paid to the germination and growth of grass seeds.
9. After sowing grass seeds, the moisture content of the soil layer should be 40-50%. And within the soil surface pressure, to facilitate the germination of grass seeds.


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