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Crystal may not be the Temtem Pansun

Crystal may not be the Temtem Pansun starter as it comes to pure strike power, but it does have some powerful moves. If you’re seeking to boost Crystle in that regard, crystal Spikes will deal the most damage. You may also need to consider the evolutions of the starter Temtem when creating your pick. If you are the kind to turtle up and play with a style, this evolutionary line is a great selection.

For picking a starter as a newcomer to Pokémon-like games generally, I was in a loss. I had been aware, though, that types were a thing. While determining, is Melee type smazee, you’re told, and strong against Crystal and Earth.

Crystle is strong against Fire and Earth, and Crystal type. And Houchic is Mental type, and powerful contrary to Melee and Neutral. Even though this is great info, it doesn’t really make a determination. In most games, I have a tendency to play with with characters that are generalized before I know the game. I guessed Smazee, being a Melee type would fit that strategy.

It’s a orange boxer. Playing Smazee is… like playing with cheap Temtem Pansun a generalized Temtem. They fine. Their attacks are impartial, so you’re not likely to do any extra damage early on, so that you won’t manage half damage 35, but they’re also not weak against much.


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