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How To Save Material In Geomembrane Engineering Of Welding Construction

The application of seepage-proof wholesale LDPE geomembrane is extremely extensive. In many construction projects, while the standard of construction is required, the control of construction funds is additionally included during a vital aspect. So the way to make sure that materials aren’t wasted within the construction process of seepage-proof geomembrane?

Improper cutting of impervious top quality environmental geomembrane will seriously affect work efficiency and cause waste of impervious geomembrane. In fact, 20 m width is suitable for every piece of anti-seepage geomembrane after stitching. If it’s too narrow, the amount of times of laying and erecting anti-seepage geomembrane is just too many, which causes waste and doesn’t meet the wants of funds control.

1. consistent with the circumference formula c=2 PIR divided by 2, the circumference of the round head is calculated, that is, the length of the fringes of the anti-seepage HDPE geomembrane manufacturers laying.

2. consistent with the cutting width of the anti-seepage geomembrane, the amount of geomembrane laying edges are drawn along the fringes of the laying with the circular gauge at the size of 1:100. Then, consistent with the amount of rock bottom , the sting of the anti-seepage geomembrane laying edge is laid along the highest .

3. Determine the width of every top width. But special attention should be paid to an equivalent number of amplitudes at rock bottom and at the highest . additionally , it should be noted that when cutting, the width of suture must be 15 cm. The width of the suture on the foremost edge is 15 cm, and therefore the width of the suture on each side of the center is 30 cm. additionally to the anchorage end, the remaining three sides reserve 10 cm wide splicing seam band for the splicing of membrane and membrane during construction. this may contribute to the complete use of environmental geomembrane factory price materials, and can not cause waste.

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