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Difference Between Geomembrane And Anti-Seepage Membrane

In some customers, impervious membranes and China HDPE liner manufacturers are an equivalent things, but their names are different. In fact, this is often a wrong statement. Today I will be able to tell you the similarities and differences between the 2.

Similarities Between Geomembranes And Impermeable Membranes
Geomembranes and impermeable membranes are similar only in appearance, color, and a few additives. top quality LDPE purchase high quality HDPE liner and impermeable membranes are usually black in color and rolled waterproof rolls in appearance. a number of them use high-density polyethylene (HDPE) as raw materials for processing and production.

The Difference Between Geomembrane And Impermeable Membrane
Geomembrane: As its name implies, low cost textured geomembrane may be a geosynthetic material. The staple is high-quality high-density polyethylene. The formulation of geomembrane mainly contains additives like carbon, acid and alkali-resisting agent, tensile agent, crack resisting agent and wear-resisting agent.

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