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Coal Powder Making Process

The specific coal powder production plant configuration preparation needs to be reasonably configured according to the actual production demand of customers. According to the process adopted, the coal processing can be equipped with the following grinding equipment: trapezium grinding mill, Vertical mill and ultra-fine mill.

Pulverized coal is a kind of irregular fine coal particle which is grinded by the coal mill. The particle size is 0.05-0.01m m, and the particles below 20-50 μ m (μ m) account for the majority. The pulverized coal processed by the mill is fully combusted and has high utilization rate, which has provided technical support for dozens of home appliance factories. When the humidity of raw coal is lower than 15%, the raw coal is ground into 200 mesh fine powder by the pulverized coal mill, and the drying link and energy saving are eliminated at the same time.

The drying capacity of pulverized coal mill can be obtained from two aspects: one is the heat generated by friction between the mill and the material during operation; the other is that the hot air can be introduced into the lower vent of the mill to accelerate the drying speed of pulverized coal. The output of coal mill is large and the scale benefit is obvious. The cost of producing coal powder per ton will be reduced with the increase of production, that is, the actual cost will be reduced. For large factories and mines such as power plants and metallurgical plants, the annual coal consumption is tens of millions of tons. It is more appropriate to use the coal mill as the coal mill.

Coal Mill: https://m.sbmchina.com/materials/coal.html

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