LED Software

AOTO’s Self-developed LED player software


The software system self-developed by AOTO can rapidly achieve video play and adjustment, which effectively reduces the time cost and provides more efficient service for users.


LED Constructor


It supports preset timing switch of screen, tinning brightness adjustment, automatic brightness adjustment, template adjustment and so on.


It supports screen monitoring (temperature, humidity, smoke sensing, brightness, etc.), cabinet monitoring (temperature, humidity, smoke sensing, fan, power voltage, dot-to-dot detection, etc.) and the view function of monitoring log.


It supports dot adjuster.


It supports LED screen test functions, including Gray test, Grid test, Spot test, Color stripe test, Position test, Image Generator test, Paint test, and so on.


It supports remote upgrade of all kinds of equipments: ATLVC, cabinets and ATIEC etc.


More beautiful interface design and more convenient operation procedure.


LED Monitor & Diagnostic System


24/7 automatically monitor feedback and alarm on abnormal situation.


Support malfunction analysis by captured image from LED screen.


Reserve the monitor record automatically.


Online feedback is available via network.


Online upgrade is available.


AOTO LED Player Great Eagle


Provide a set of LED display solutions for different types of game stadium.


Simulate stadiums and LED display by three-dimensional technology and control.


Easy system maintenance performance.


Automatic brightness correction.


Easy and fast programming.


Automatic mosaic of material.


Powerful preview function: combine LED display hardware architecture and installation.


Synchronization across the display.


AOTO LED Player Blue Peacock


Professional software designed for LED display in advertisement,sports, arts, industries and etc.


Supports clocked play.


Supports instant spot play.


Supports notice message notification.


Adopt global leading DirectX Image technology, make display smoothly without flicker.


Supports EVF enhanced rendering mode for HD decoding.


The system supports adjustment for screen color,saturation,brightness,contrast.


Capable to monitor LED screen action in real time.


Supports multi-screen play, each window can play the programs of different regions.


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