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I mean who in their right mind thinks

I mean who in their right mind thinks that sending death threats via anything to cheap rs3 gold anybody does alter the problem that they are opposing? Those folks should be tracked by neighborhood intelligence agency and ban from the internet for life in my frank opinion. Just to clarify this does not mean that constructive criticism or pointing our faulty is somehow wrong or bad while we remain in the topic. The moment we go wide over the topic and begin targeting the individual we should stop and have a deep, cursory look in the mirror.

The chilling thing here is that if they don’t respond, they probably still read most of the super negative articles that frontpage here. I’ve been at a similar position at the last couple of years and I will attest that the group I had been involved with knew concerning the reddit bullshit that was being peddled and it hit morale hard for a long time, even if the people face was that we did not give a shit. JMods are people (obviously) who are trying to do their very best to help further a match they’re likely very enthused about, and they are on to r/runescape to go assaulted verbally with a horde of apes who believe hurling expletives at people will get them what they want.

There’s a good deal of hands to be pointed out in the moderation group on this subreddit for letting it happen, regardless of how much they claim to try and fight it.In defense of this sub Reddit’s group, anytime a single post gets deleted for being poisonous that same runescape player posts a follow-up thread accusing the reddit team of hiding the reality. This subreddit is extremely toxic, and much more so then most games I play lol.It’s Jagex’s fault. In the event the top direction weren’t so shit, runescape players would not be so dissatisfied with runescape, thus not taking it out to the center guys, the Jmods. People see them as the face of the company and end up going overboard with their rants.

What’s your RuneScape story? I first started playing RuneScape if my old brother, who’d moved into can you buy gold on old runescape my dads following the divorce, told me (circa 2006). Whenever I would walk past his room he was constantly laying down on his bedroom floor playing it in my dads laptop. After pestering him a bit, just wanting to bond, he finally told me about it in the kitchen. I was not a big gamer.

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