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AOTO’s Virtual Overlay LED Display System Brings New Business Model to Sports Industry

AOTO Electronics (China stock code: 002587) August 8th, 2016, AOTO Electronics has successfully tested its virtual overlay LED display system in NBL games (Chinese National Basketball League). This advanced virtual technology will change the business model for sports advertising. AOTO will combine this advanced virtual technology with the company’s leading traditional LED display manufacturing capacity to maximize the value of the combined systems. This will allow both the virtual and the real live LED displays to get the maximum effectiveness from their sports related applications.


Leading Virtual LED Display System to Demonstrate A New Virtual Display World.


AOTO Electronics is a leader in LED display systems both virtual and real live displays that are used in sporting venues all over the world. AOTO has many years of experience of cooperation with major sporting authorities like FIFA, UEFA and FIBA, becoming the official LED display system provider for FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro. AOTO aims to provide cutting edge virtual display systems to satisfy the multi-national broadcast requirements. This virtual overlay system could help realize precision marketing of sports advertising by displaying different advertising content to certain areas during live matches.


Leading Innovation Superiorities


  1. Accurate LED color key switch over technology based on smart Chroma-Key and motion analysis to help the cameras to move freely.


  1. Automatic Suppositional Focus technology regulates image blurring to simulate camera motion.


  1. Ultra close range LED virtual image simulation techniques.


  1. Super high refresh rate LED technology.


This system can be deployed cost effectively plus the in-expensive engine is compatible with existing the broadcasting process. And it supports multiple cameras at any angle, focal length, shape, multi-zone replacements with minimum video processing delay time and global broadcasting “one screen multi display”.


“One Screen Multi Display” Brings New Business Model for Sport Industry“


When holding alive event, the organizers or advertisers expect the advertisements on the LED display to show different content to different regions at the same time. But the traditional LED displays can only convey a single advertising message. Usually, advertising period of time only a one-time sale. Because it can’t be individually customized. AOTO’s virtual overlay LED display system can broadcast more than just one screen out to the audiences. This means that different regional audiences will see different advertising content on the same displays at the same time on their televisions. This technology will bring a new revolution in the sports advertising business model!


About AOTO Electronics


AOTO Electronics (002587), founded in 1993, is specialized in designing and manufacturing high-end quality LED display system. AOTO insists on technology driven differentiation strategy by establishing R&D team and focusing on technology innovation. It’s AOTO’s principle to provide quality products and service to our customers. Based on the leading technology and profound understand of customer’s needs, AOTO has proposed professional solutions for financing, advertising, rental, sports and broadcasting and television industries, which have been widely applied in commercial banks, famous advertising companies, top entertainment and sports events, famous television station, etc; all proved successful and outstanding. With adherence to independent innovation and brand establishment, AOTO has become a leading company in the LED application industry globally.


Are you looking for active led display? AOTO will be your best choice!

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