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Advantages and Disadvantages of 630W Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp

The biggest advantage of 630W ceramic metal halide lights is that its luminous efficiency is very high, and its luminous efficiency is as high as 80-90Lm/W. It has less heat when luminous normally, so it is a kind of cold light source. Because the spectrum of metal halide lamp is a dense linear spectrum superimposed on the basis of continuous spectrum, the color rendering index is particularly high, that is, the color reducibility is very good, up to 90%. In addition, the color temperature of metal halide lamp is high, which can reach 5000-6000K, and the special projector lamp can reach 7000-8000K. Under the same brightness condition, the higher the color temperature, the brighter the human eyes feel.

Ceramic metal halide lamp has short relative life because of its high brightness and small volume. Due to the limitation of material and technology, another disadvantage of metal halide lamp is that it is difficult to start, so special trigger must be used. The brightness system increases gradually after starting. If the starting energy is too large and the starting speed is too fast, the lamp life will be affected. Full consideration should be given to the circuit design.

The disadvantages of 630W ceramic metal halide lamp are as follows:

  1. Can’t open again after extinguishing (wait 3-5 minutes);
  2. High power consumption;
  3. Ballasts are needed (relatively heavy);
  4. Life is shorter than that of LED.
  5. High temperature is generated at the ignition point, and protective cover is required.

According to the shortcomings of 630W ceramic metal halide lamp, choose the suitable lighting lamp.


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