Welded Ball Valve

The popularity of welded connections in piping systems means that valves must have the proper end connections for weld attachment. The two welded connection types are the butt-weld and the socket-weld. The socket-weld is used for piping that is 2-inch nominal pipe size (2″ NPS) and smaller. The butt-weld is sometimes used for the small-diameter pipe, but it is normally applied to sizes above 2″ NPS. We use wax injection and de-wax craftwork to produce our welding ball valve that allows our products to have no detect and ensure a good price.


The socket valve is the easier weld to perform since the pipe is slipped into the close-fitting socket of the valve or fitting, and there is a ready-made pocket in which to lay down the welding material. This weld is usually made with one or two passes, depending on the pipe size.


The butt-weld, on the other hand, is more complex because there is no socket alignment, and the ends of both the pipe and the valve must have matching bevels as well as be in perfect alignment during the welding process. The initial welding pass in butt-weld joints is called the root pass. It requires skill and practice to perform correctly. The root pass is followed by subsequent passes until the weld is completed.


Huande Steel Valve exports both socket weld globe valve and butt welded valve according to the requirements of our customers and we also take charge of any quality problems.

Since welding will always have a place in valve manufacturing because of the impracticality of casting or forging some alloys or material combinations. We are continuing to improve our production technology and help our clients to open global valve market.

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