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High Efficient 1000W Grow Light Electronic Ballast

Overview of 1000w digital ballast  Drives HPS and MH 1000W Lamps

Dimmable options: 50%/75%/100%

Works on 120V/240V

High frequency, up to 120kHz

Warranty: 3 years

The Details of 1000w electronic ballast

  1. Converts between HPS and MH lamps automatically by microprocessor
  2. Adjustable knob for easy switch to different powers as needed
  3. Ventilation opening for heat dissapation
  4. 8 Feet heavy-duty power cord included

The Advantages of 1000W hps electronic ballast

  1. Very low heat dissipation and optimal cooling with a power coated aluminum housing and a 40mm Dc fan
  2. Using microprocessor to differentiates HPS & MH lamps, no need of an extra ballast or a switch
  3. Fast lamp ignition by lighting up the bulbs within 1-2 mins max
  4. Ultra-Safety: end of lamp life protection, short circuit protection, open circuit protection, ignition failure protection and thermal protection.

The Specification of 1000W Grow Light Electronic Ballast

Lamp Number 1
Watts 1000W
InputVolts 120V 240V
In put Current 8.60A 4.30A
In put Power 1085W 1055W
Min Power Factor 0.99
THD <10%
Crest Factor <1.7
















Performance Requirements:
Rated mains voltage: 120-240V
Voltage range (+/-10%): 108-264V
Mains frequency: 50/60HZ
Operation frequency : 100-120kHz
Dimming Type
| Gear |   50%   |    75%   |   100%  |












Case Length 394mm 15.51″
Case Width 110mm 4.33″
Height 73mm 2.88″
Mounting Length 380mm 14.96″
Mounting Width 58.5mm 2.30 “
Weight 3.8kg 8.82lb












Installation & Application Notes of 1000W Grow Light Electronic Ballast

  1. Max.allowable case temperature: 75°C/167 °F.
  2. Ambient Temperature: -20°C~ + 40°C/-4°F ~ +104°F.
  3. Max.Humidity: 95%.
  4. Ignition voltage is 5kV.
  5. Remote Mounting: 15m/50ft.

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