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Dual Monitor Raising Standing Desk With Two Legs

Description of Dual Monitor Raising Standing Desk With Two Legs:


Two Motors Two Legged Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk Supported by YND-03 environmental control box, it can be easily moved to the desired height by pressing a button on the controller. The button adjusts the desktop height from low enough for a child to sit too high enough for a 6’7” tall person to stand—a full 25.5 inches of sitting-kneeling-leaning-lunging-twisting-playing room. And it is a classic sit to stand desk model. We call it the standing desk, but you can also call it the sitting desk, the tilting desk, the stretching desk, even the walking desk. Your electric rising desk gets you moving. Not only good for your health, but it also gives you energy, making you more alert and engaged throughout the day.


Desktop Mix:


Whiteboard is our first thought, also be the collocation plan that likes most. Because there’s nothing like standing on a whiteboard to capture our minimalist culture.Such accord with our motorized computer desk concise and the characteristic of muti_function.Of course, this is also very suitable for painting children, can let them create aesthetically on the desktop.

we use sustainable bamboo for desktop, do not use pesticides and fertilizers, its beautiful color comes from the kiln, not from any chemical dyes or stains.

Laminates are waterproof and scratch resistant. The main component is heavy, high density particleboard. It’s made from 100% recycled wood fiber before consumption — this allows for more durability and dirt resistance, allowing you to maintain a professional look after a full day’s work.

Medium density fiberboard on the top is a good choice. It has the function of fire prevention, heat prevention and scratch prevention, and is made by powder pressing, strong and durable.

And if you need to customize your own requirements, you can also feel free to let us know.


Features of Dual Monitor Raising Standing Desk With Two Legs


Colour: White, Black, Grey

Input Voltage: 110-230VAC

Adjustable Height Range: 700-1200mm

Max.Speed: 20mm/s

Load Capacity: 1400N

Remote Control: Yes

Surface Treatment: Surface Coating

Tube Size: 80*50mm(customize)

Transverse Expansion Range: 1100-1600mm

Low Power: Yes

Anti-Collision: Yes

Duty Cycle: 10%;Max.2min.off

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