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Standing Mats & Balance Boards



Humans did not evolve on a completely flat surface. Our feet, like our bodies, are meant to move. Therefore, our company has developed a standing mat that conforms to the terrain, stand mat 1#.


The unique peaks and troughs will make you more willing to move around, build muscles, relieve posture fatigue, activate blood flow and bring more energy to your work. Use the front corner of the foot pad as the rest of the foot, the edge for your finished power position, the back of the foot pad for a good stretch, and the ball in the center for a recharged foot massage.


The pads can be worn in shoes, barefoot or socks.




Although we have a mat that provides a contoured standing surface, and a balance plate that allows you to swing from side to side, some people just want some simple cushioning when it comes to standing. The lightweight, understated, minimalist stand mat is made of non-toxic, phthalate free polyurethane, and its simple look is far from simple. Standing on it, you can feel the difference, especially around your knees and hips.


Balance Boards :


In the process of following the principle that exercise is healthy, we developed the anti fatigue balance board. The dynamic experience of standing can bring you more pleasure and relaxation. And it’s not designed to get you moving, it’s designed to allow you to naturally shift your weight from one side to the other and keep your blood flowing.


It will be a perfect experience to match your  lift desk.


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