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3 Axles 56000 Liters LPG Tank Semi Trailers

LPG tank semi trailer , also known as liquefied petroleum gas semi trailer, LPG transportation semi-trailer, etc. It is used to transport propane isobutene and other liquid propylene ammonia liquefied gas such as methylamine acetaldehyde dedicated transport semi-trailer. Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd  has quality lpg semi trailer    for sale.


The Axles 56000 Liters LPG Transport Trailers For Sale


  1. Quality, dimension and welding quality of pressure components, operation quality, installation quality, safety devices and accessories within the product materials.
  2. Physical and chemical tests of conventional tank materials, such as mechanical properties and chemical components. Through strict X-ray nondestructive testing and magnetic particle testing, welding joints, welding parts, can and geometrical pressure were tested.
  3. Sealing products, bearing pressure, inspection of various technical indexes of product safety operation.
  4. A, grade B 100% radiation welding test, grade II qualified, C, grade D weld 100% magnetic particle inspection, grade I qualified.


The Axles 56000 Liters LPG Tank Semi Trailer
Tanker Essential Information
Volume of Tank 56
Overall Dimensions (mm) 12700 * 2500 * 3975
Tank Dimensions 2450 * 11.5 * 12340
(Inner Diameter * Thickness * Length) (mm)
Estimated Weight (kg) 16480
Payload (kg) 23520
Total Weight (kg) 40000
Wheelbase (mm) 6865 + 1310 + 1310
Shell of Tanker
Products Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Propane)
Fluid Property Flammable
Design Pressure (MPa) 1.61
Design Temperature 50
Corrosion Allowance (mm) 1
Weld Joint Factor 1
Major Materials of Bearing Pressure Tanker Points:
End Plate:
Main Beam:
Quality Control Process
Riagraphic Test 100% X-ray detection
Heat Treatment Overall treatment in furnaces, 600 640 to 640 ℃
Hydraulic Test (MPa) 2.22
Test Pressure (MPa) 1.6
Magnaflux Inspection For pipe and flange connection
Manhole As Customer’s Requirement
Quantity 1 on the top, DN450 / DN500
Safety Valve (Customer’s Requirement)
Quantity 2
Location On The Top Of Tanker
Size DN50 or As Customer’s Requirement
Level Gauge
Type Manuel Rotation Type / Ball Floating Type
Location At the rear or front of the end plate or as a requirement
Control System
Liquid Gauge 1
Thermometer 1
Pressure Gauge 1
Emergency Cut-off Valves 2
Ball Valve 2
Running System
Axles 3 * 13T BPW Brand
Tire 12R22.5 Tubeless Tire
Landing Leg JOST
King Pin 2 ”or 3”
Tool Box 2
Valve Box 2
Wheel Carrier 1
Fire Extinguisher 2
Fender 4
Paint As Customer’s Requirement
Anti Static Belt As Customer’s Requirement
Electric System As Customer’s Requirement
Brake As Customer’s Requirement
Discharging Hose As Customer’s Requirement
Sun Visor As Customer’s Requirement
Standard: Pressure Vessels, Supervision Regulation on Safety Technology for Stationary Pressure Vessels



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