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Smart homes have flourished around the world and have become the mainstream of development in the 21st century. Smart home is a product of modern building technology, modern communication technology, modern control technology, modern instrumentation technology and modern computer technology. In recent years, with the rapid development of computer network communication technology and the improvement of people’s living environment requirements, the concept of „intelligence“ has also been introduced into the construction of housing. „Smart“ now brings a lot of delusions to the industry.


Smart homes are based on housing, as long as they are residential, hotels, office buildings, enterprises, factories, schools, etc., are our target markets.


The term smart home seems to be far away from our lives, just a performance in high-tech exhibitions, or a home decoration that the rich show off to show off wealth. In fact, in recent years, smart homes have begun to step into more and more ordinary families. A complete intelligent system generally includes several subsystems such as security, telephone, audio and video, air conditioning, lighting, etc. The price can be accepted by consumers. The owner can choose to install subsystems according to their own needs and preferences to meet their own needs. Various needs at home. With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, pir sensor home automation has entered the ordinary people’s homes, and the intelligent life style of film bridges is no longer far away.


Senba Sensing Technology Co.,Ltd., was founded in 2005, with the focus on producing the top quality passive infrared sensor. If you want to know more details, just feel free to contact us!


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