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Sit Stand Desk Converter

Description of Sit Stand Desk Converter:


Height adjustable standing desk converter can turn your desk into a healthy workstation in a few minutes. Independent sit-up workstation supports single, double, three, or four panel displays and function button height adjustment.


This Workstation- energize your body. Stimulate your mind. Instantly convert any desk into a sitting workspace to promote health and productivity.


„Sitting is the new smoking.“ Sit stand desk converter seamlessly integrate with your workdays to promote health and wellness.


The alternative use of rising desk platform supported by the sit stand desk converter is mainly to prevent users from sitting for a long time and provide a new way of standing office. Generally, the desk is fixed. When we stand up, we can’t continue to work in the desk, and the sit stand desk converter can rise and fall, so that we can work alternately between sitting and standing to relieve the pressure on the body caused by sitting for a long time.



Features of Sit Stand Desk Converter:


Colour: White; Black; Grey;

Input Voltage:110-230VAC

Column Adjustable Height Range: 570-1220 mm

Board Height Range: 250-900 mm

Max. Speed: 38mm/s

Load Capacity: 800N

Remote Control: Yes

Low Power: Yes

Anti-Collision: Yes

Duty Cycle: 10%; Max. 2min. off


FAQ about Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Converter:


Q1: Are standing desks good for you?

If you sit in a chair for more than eight hours a day, you will feel stiff and sore during the weekend. Working at your desk can affect your posture. If so, you may need an active workstation. Encourage organic movement and correct posture by creating a workstation that allows you to move more.


Q2: What is a standing desk converter?

Standing desk converters are units that relaxation on top of your desk and raise your notebook up and down so you can sit down or stand at work.


Q3. How many hours a day should you be on your feet?

Ideally, you should avoid sitting long and stand up and move a little every 30 minutes.


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