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Food and Wine Molded Pulp Trays

As one of China top professional custom molded pulp packaging manufacturers, our company supply you for advanced paper molded type food, wine packaging, including molded pulp box and food trays and wine paper pulp molded trays, which will not only make your food look more delicious, but also give customers a more clean and sanitary feeling. After all, your company has adopted environmentally friendly packaging, which can better reflect your company’s concept of social responsibility.


Size:Customized as per request


Material: bamboo, sugarcane byproduct, bagasse


Type: molded pulp tray/box


Color: White or other color


Advantage: automatic machine made, High-Quality, 100% biodegradable, allmeets export standard


Process Type: Pulp Molding


Usage:lining /insert/packaging box


Use: food


Package: with PE bag pack in corrugated master shipping carton box and standard pallet


Design: Your own design and OEM welcome


Design software: AI PDF  CAD PRO E  SOLIDWORKS


Are you looking for a reliable vietnam printing company?  As a professional product packaging design company, Lihua Group designs and manufactures packaging solutions for many of the world’s most recognizable brands. Our products include premium rigid box, folding carton, and corrugated packaging, as well as molded fiber and paper pulp. Our products are widely used for consumer electronics, cosmetics, food, wine, and luxury goods.


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