Semi Trailer

The Semi Trailer is an advanced transportation tool developed on the basis of the trailer. It is towed by a semi-trailer tractor. A significant portion of the maximum total weight of the trailer is carried by the tractor. The Semi Trailer vehicle consisting of Semi Trailer and semi-trailer tractor is especially suitable for long-distance and high-grade road transport, and has become the most important transportation vehicle in road transport. Especially when it comes to carry large, long and heavy goods for other types of vehicle, Semi trailer has a unique advantage. According to the skeleton structure, the number of axles, the form of the bearing platform etc., semi trailer can be divided into different types such as contanier semi trailer, semi dump trailer, etc. We Ultraton has a wealth of design and production experience to provide you with the most suitable transportation solution.


Different types of semi trailers

Container Semi Trailer
Flatbed Semi Trailer
Skeletal Semi Trailer
Container Terminal Semi Trailer

Semi Dump Trailer
Semi Side Dump Trailers
Semi End Dump Trailer

Semi Tanker Trailer
20m³ Semi Tanker Trailer
40m³ Semi Tanker Trailer
45m³ Semi Tanker Trailer

Bulk Cargo Semi Trailer
Side Wall Semi Trailer
Fence Semi Trailer
Low Bed Semi Trailer

Trailer Chassis Parts
Genuine FUWA Trailer Parts Series
Ultraton Trailer Patrs Series
Leaf Spring
Wheel rim
Wearing Parts



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