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DIN 3202 2 Piece Internal Threaded Ball Valve

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21, DIN259 / 2999.JIS.130202 / 130203












Huande Steel Valve is specialized in producing stainless steel floating ball valves. Recent years we are committed to developing new products. This is our DIN 3202 standard 2 PC internal thread ball valve. This product consists of the valve body and valve cover. We call is the two-piece type, the one-piece type is an integral structure, two-piece internal thread ball valve in the improved one-piece valve flow is less, easy to leak, increase the pressure cover to prevent leakage. We apply wax injection and de-wax craftwork to produce this product. The valve body casting adopts advanced technology, and the two-piece internal thread ball valve has a reasonable structure and attractive appearance. Valve seat adopts the elastic sealing structure, reliable sealing and easy opening and closing. The DIN 3202 standard 2PC internal thread ball valve is suitable for PN1.0~4.0MPa, working temperature is -29~180°C or -29~300° C. On the various pipelines used to cut off or connect the medium in the pipeline. The use of different materials, the two-piece ball valve can be used for water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid and other media.


The details of our product are as follows:

Size of DIN 3202 2 Piece Internal Threaded Ball Valve:

Specification of DIN 3202 2 Piece Internal Threaded Ball Valve:

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