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Advantages and Disadvantages of PVC Soft Glass Table Runner

Compared with the general tablecloth, the pvc table runner has the characteristics of non-slip, wear resistance and high temperature resistance. But because of the special material of the pvc table runner, people will start to wonder if the pvc table runner will affect the health of the human body.  Next, I will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the pvc table runner.


The WANTU PVC table runner has many advantages over other materials. It is precisely because the pvc table runner is made of a plastic material, everyone will worry about whether the pvc soft glass table runner is poisonous. There are traces of monomeric vinyl chloride molecules in the pvc table runner material, and contain a small amount of plasticizer. The effects of the substances contained in these pvc table runners are very small. Materials such as toxicity and decoration are minimal. As long as the pvc table runner does not touch the high temperature, it will not cause any harm to the human body.


Advantages of pvc table runner: it is resistant to high temperature and heavy pressure, and it is easy to clean


Disadvantages of pvc table runner: it is easy to leave a watermark


Are you looking for wholesale cloth placemats? No matter what product, there will be two sides.  We just talked about the advantages of soft glass tablecloths.  The shortcomings of soft glass tablecloths are also factors we need to consider when understanding the “pvc table runner”.  Since the transparency of the PVC table runner is relatively high, the soft glass tablecloth laid on the table will inevitably produce some watermarks.  Therefore, in order to overcome this shortcoming of the pvc table runner, you can choose the frosted and printed soft glass tablecloth when you buy the soft glass tablecloth.


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