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Concrete Mixer Truck Can’t Turn. Don’t Panic

Do the concrete industry know that HM16-D concrete mixer truck made in China in the transport process of the car body of the large pot must be kept rotating, in order to be the material in the jar mixing mixing of concrete is not solidified to ensure good quality of concrete in the construction site.

A whole load of goods will be scrapped if the concrete mixer truck does not rotate the tank for a long time. We need to clear the goods in the mixing tank in time, otherwise the consequences will be very serious. The whole concrete mixing tank may be scrapped if the mixing tank is solidified by concrete.

When it is found that high quality HM12-D concrete mixer truck does not rotate, we should analyze the reasons from the following aspects to find out the problem:

1. The oil level is too low, and the suction pipe is not placed as required to absorb oil

2. The suction pipe breaks or is squeezed to bet the match

3. The oil filter is too dirty, and the environment under the concrete mixer truck itself is not very clean. It should be cleaned regularly

4. The high pressure valve of the main pump is damaged or too dirty

5, connecting the pump shaft fracture, the meat can be seen

6. The driving motor of the HM10-D concrete mixer truck made in China rotates in the wrong direction, causing damage to the auxiliary pump

7. Release the adjusting lever and disconnect from its control

The above 7 items are the common treatment methods for checking that the concrete mixer tank does not rotate.

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