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600W Reflector HPS Lamps

Performance Data of 600W Reflector HPS Lamp

Light Output(Lumens 100Hrs) 90000
Lamp Lumens Per Watt (Lumens / att) 150
Rated Life(Hrs. 10 Hr. 1Strat) 32000
Color Temperature(k) 2000K
Chromaticity(CIE-xly 0.52,0.42
COLOR Rendering Index(CRI) twenty two
Burning Position Universal
Hot Restart Time(min) 3–5
Photon Flux PAR 400-700 (umol / s) 1190
















Electrical Characteristics of 600W Reflector HPS Lamp

Nominal power (w) 600
Nominal lamp voltage (v) 200
Tube Current(Amps) 3.5A
Dimmable YES







Physical Descritpion of 600W Reflector HPS Lamp

Base Designation E40
Bulb Designation T46
Bulb Diameter mm(D) 46max
Max Overall Length(MOL)mm(A)292max 292max
Light Center Length(LCL)mm (B)175 175
Effective Arc Length /
Max Base Temperature(C) 250 ℃
max Bulb Temperature (C) 500 ℃
Typical fixture ENCLOSE/OPEN
Socket Pulse Rating(KV) 5
















Application of 600 watt hid grow light

Ideal for horticultural lighting and greenhouse lighting

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