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Motorized TV Lift

Description of Motorized TV Lift:


We spent more than two years studying the TV lift system and then decided on our current model of the extendable lift made in CHINA. It is whispered quietly, smooth, durable and sturdy. It offers a 5-year full replacement warranty. Each elevator is installed in the TV elevator cabinet, according to your plan to place furniture in the home and determined. You will tell us if it will be located at the foot of the bed, against a wall or on its own;


Directly at the bottom of the bed (at the bottom of the bed…), the TV is facing the bed; The component section is opposite the bed.


Wall position (TV set and components face the same side)


Independent (TV set and components face the same side)


According to your preference, your power lift tv stands will be installed accordingly.


Motorized tv lift kit can effectively relieve visual fatigue after a long time of watching. New vision research has found that eyeball fatigue can be effectively reduced when the eyeball constantly changes its fixation point, and our TV lifting frame perfectly solves this problem.W hen you feel tired, you can adjust to the ideal height by remote control. At the same time, the switch can relieve the fatigue of the cervical spine.



Features of power lift tv cabinets:


Travel speed: 35mm/S with soft start/stop actuator motors

Keypad: 3 kinds can choose/OEM keypad

Voltage: Input: 230V~110 V  Output: 31 V

CE/ROSH/SSA/UL  Certified: yes

Colour: white, black, grey, silver /customer

Duty cycle: 10% max 2mins on/18mins off

Packing: CKD(completely knocked down),

5 layers strong standard export packing carton,

thick pearl cotton & polyfoam bubble wrap between every board,

2mm polyfoam comer protects to protect the comer for 4 sides.

Current delivery time: 25 days after deposit

The special offer: Your logo can be printed on the carton


We are one of the most professional manufacturers of lift desk. If you are interested our products, please contact us!



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