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Who do not PvP indicating changes to PvP

It is not giving more power to pkers as the majority of the damage comes RS gold in the weapon and they can currently 1-item that. You are taking away more energy from them since those defending can manage to wear armour. Now if I get a lava wyrm task I’d rather bring t80 to fight them, and potentially have to fight somebody over the place where I risk 2m on passing, rather than the present system where I have to bring budget grade gear and need to surge-tp from any white dot I visit because I don’t want to drop anything but my weapon, my legs and body.

Why are individuals who do not PvP indicating changes to PvP? Since there’s content in the wilderness that runescape players wish to do, or feel”forced” to do, for whatever reason, so they are part of the men and women who partake in Wilderness content, so their opinion things? It has been widely regarded for years that a lot of individuals don’t like EoC PvP and steer clear of the Wilderness like the plague. Some try to run and others simply stand there and die. Skillers and penguin seekers are fed up with being”lure”, despite having very little return to their time wasted, to the stage that some of the skilling content in there is content that is dead, then many PKers assert that they have no one to kill.

I believe a better question is, why don’t people who PvP appear to suggest more changes to PvP? I have seen this same idea suggested numerous times, and PKers constantly seem to whine, but very few ever offer feedback. I have also seen some people suggest that all skilling articles is removed from the Wilderness, however they add in more bosses and Slayer creatures, so that everyone in the Wilderness would have reason to bring at least SOME combat equipment no matter.

Well as you can see in the other remarks, I am taking in plenty of suggestions of cheap runescape 3 gold from all sorts of all runescape players. Pkers, pvmers, non-maxed and maxed. What’s your despair with the idea? Dying used to imply something in runescape. As someone who would mainly play to do some pking back in the days before EoC, it was the best aspect of runescape for me. You either got the kill along with the loot then had to risk dying carrying all of that out rather than perishing to some pjers. Or the times of bounty hunter when murdering whoever I desired would put me on a 3 minute timer at which I couldn’t leave the crater!

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