Multilayer PCB

Eolane SCM is recognized as a leading multilayer pcb supplier, specializing in the following market segments:

  • PCB Prototypes
  • Short Runs
  • Medium Runs
  • Long Runs


Value added services, superior product quality, on-time delivery, and total customer satisfaction are our core priorities.


Multilayer pcb board Capabilities

  • Max Number of multilayer PCBLayers: Up to 36 Layers
  • Max Circuit Board Size: 21″x 24″ (533.4 x 609.6) (Special Size ,Pls contact us ,Led length up to 1500mm)
  • Min Trace/Space: 3 mil (0.0762mm)
  • Min Mechanical Drill Size: 8mil (0.20mm)
  • Min Laser Drill Size: 3 mil (0.0762mm)
  • Max Inner Copper: 5oz
  • Max Outer Copper: 11 oz
  • Controlled Impedance +/-7%
  • Blind / Buried Vias
  • Material: FR4, FR4 High Tg, Aluminum, Rogers, Arlon, etc.
  • Surface: Lead Solder (HASL), Lead Free Solder(HASL – LF), ENIG, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, OSP, Hard Gold, Flash Gold, etc.
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Class II & Class III
  • UL certified
  • ISO 9001
  • Free E-test on Every Board


Multilayer Rigid PCB Specification

Number of layers 4L-36L
Materials Standard FR4,Hig TG FR4,Halogen-Free FR4,High Speed FR4,High Frequency FR4.
PCB thickness 0.38mm-5mm
Minimum track width/Space 0.075mm/0.075mm
Cu thickness (finished) 1oz to 5oz
Maximum Panel size 850mmX570mm
Surface treatment HASL, ENIG, Immersion Tin, OSP, Immersion Silver, Hard Gold/Soft Gold, Gold Finger,ENEPIG.
Minimum Drill size(Mechanical) 0.15mm


If you are looking for cheap flexible pcb, please contact us.

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