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Lift Standing Desk Frames

Lifting standing desk frame is mainly composed of two major components. One is the desktop board, you can choose Whiteboard, sustainable bamboo, Laminates, Medium density fiberboard and so on according to your own needs to choose the appropriate desktop. And another component, the most important component, is the lifting table frame. The actor and actress of a lift standing desk character, very big degree will decide by it.

Our factory is one of the most professional motorized standing desk frame manufacturers in China. We mainly from the following aspects to control the quality of our products and improve the humanized design of our products.


  1. We adopt the lifting motor independently developed by our company. It allows us to double motor lifting table in the process of use, noise control within 50 db. Compared with the noise of nearly 60 decibels produced by other manufacturers, our products will make consumers feel more comfortable and at ease.


  1. As for the frame, our company has 8 years‘ experience in sheet metal production and owns the most advanced laser cutting machine and robot automatic welding machine. Our company is often engaged in the production of some precision sheet metal parts, Chinese large camera equipment company division is one of our customers. Therefore, we have advantages in dealing with the precision of sheet metal edges and the smoothness of the arc. At the same time, our company adopts automatic spraying equipment, which can be used to spray a variety of conventional and customized colors. At the same time, we for sheet metal raw materials incoming inspection is very strict, there are no cutting corners on raw materials.


  1. Another very important component is the controller which controls the lifting height. We have two kinds of controllers, one is the conventional button-type lifting switch, it can adjust the appropriate height you need, and form three memory modes, convenient for the next adjustment. The other one is the height adjustment of the latest mobile phone developed by our company. By downloading the APP developed by our company, we can adjust the height on the mobile phone, which is a very cool feeling and experience. More user-friendly features are also being developed.


In short, when you choose the right lift standing desk, choose a strong and durable, fine workmanship and humanized design lift standing desk frame is particularly important.


We are one of the most professional manufacturers of lift desk. If you are interested our products, please contact us!


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