Foam Bottles

Product Name: Foam Bottles

Material: PET Materials;PP Materials

Capacity: 30ml-300ml

Slogan: Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, beautiful and clean


The series of foam bottles are made of PET material and PP material, which are safe and environmentally friendly. The foam bottles do not contain any toxic additives, and they cause no pollution to the environment and ensure the health of users. The foam bottles are also called mousse bottles or bubble bottles, and are widely used in the cosmetics and skin care production and packaging industry.


The foam bottles come in a variety of sizes and shapes, including cylindrical bottles and rounded bottles, ranging in size from 30ml to 300ml. They can meet the needs of customers to the utmost. The bottle body has been polished to ensure the smooth and comfortable handle feel. The bottle body is light and portable to the maximum extent, and can meet the daily needs of travel and home.


The design of the pump head is ingenious, and the amount of liquid output per press is accurate and appropriate, avoiding unnecessary waste and making it convenient for users to use. The pump head design is divided into four parts to effectively fix the position of the nozzle to avoid unnecessary blockage and to maximize the life of the pump head. Some foam bottles are available in two pump heads, including a common foam pump head and a silicone foam pump head. You can choose according to the specific properties of different products.


At the same time, we offer customizations in different colors, sizes and shapes to suit your needs best. The production process of this series of foam bottles is all carried out in the dust-free workshop, and the whole computer is automatically managed to ensure that there is no trace of pollution, and the quality of the products can be guaranteed. As long as you choose this series of foam bottles, XINRUN can make you feel as satisfied as possible! If you are looking for foam pump bottle wholesale , please contact us!


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