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3 Piece Flanged Ball Valve

Full bore


Flanged ends: DIN 2345, ISO 5752




Quality investment casting body


and cap


Internal entry blow-out proof stem


Pressure rating: PN40


Material: CFSM, CF8




Pressure test: API598


Lever handle with locking device


Huande Steel Valve is specialized in designing, developing, innovating new floating ball valves. This is our three piece flange ball valves. Please allow us to tell u a new way when you use this kind of valves, which can help you improve the working efficiency and reduce the damage of products. First of all, leave the valve stem in a rotated position.

Second, do not use it for throttling. Third, the ball valve with transmission shall be installed upright. The principle of the ball valve 3 piece body is to rely on the rotary valve to make the valve open or blocked. The ball valve is light and compact, can be made into a large diameter, reliable in sealing, simple in structure, and convenient for maintenance. The sealing surface and the spherical surface are often in a closed state and are not easy to be eroded by media. They are widely used in various industries. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact me anytime.


The details of our products are as follows:

Size of 3 Piece Flanged Ball Valve:

Specification of 3 Piece Flanged Ball Valve:


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