PVC place mat

Our company is one of wholesale placemats manufacturers with competitive technology and considerable price. And we supply  vinyl table mats. If you interested in placemat, please stay for a few minutes.

The function of WANTU Placemat

  1. Placemat primary function is used to place cups, bowls, dishes, and other dining tableware.
  2. Decoration: On the one hand, our placemat can be decorated at home: dining room (hall), kitchen, etc. On the other hand, our placemat also can decorate the hotel, business office, party, restaurant, coffee shop, the wedding or out-door. In a word, choosing our placemat will improve the quality of your life and bring you happiness at the same time.
  3. Advertisement: the company could put the company’s logo and advertising on the placemat, it also publicity to the company.
  4. Protection: placemat could protect the tableware from oil, water, and heat.

Features of Placemat WANT

Shape and color of placemat: our placemat can be made in any shape and color you can think of. Such as normal shape: rectangular, oval, round and square; like special shape: leaf, hibiscus, lotus and so on.

Material and advantage: our placemat was made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride). As we all know, PVC has the following characteristics: light, thermal insulation, damp-proof, non-mildew, oil-proof, no stain and fade and so on. So, our placemats have all of the characteristics and advantages of PVC above.

Size: Our size is graphic customization as long as you reach a certain amount. In the meantime, except size, our placemat also provides customized logo and customized packing to meet your individual needs. In other words, choosing us equals choosing personalization.

Packaging: 12pcs/ poly bag, 72pcs per carton or available.

Technology: hot-stamping color.

Environmental protection: hygienic and health.

Environmental WANTU Placemat

Environmental protection is what we call for. So you needn’t worry about the problem of quality and safety, because our company placemat has entitled to many international certifications such as ITS, PTS, BV&SGS with strict quality assurance. Therefore, if you choose our Vinyl Placemats, you choose eco-friendly and health.

Choose Placemat HELP

In a word, if you choose us, we are sure to meet your various needs. We are willing to enter into business relationship with you. We believe, your selection will bring you a satisfactory experience. If you want to know more details, welcome to contact us. We are happy to answer and serve for you.

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