All of our metal stamping products are exported to US, Canada, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, France, Holland, Finland, Belgium, Australia, South East Asia, Mideast, etc. We have a wide range of mechanical presses from 5T to 250T, hydraulic press 315T, 400T, TIG/MIG welder, resistance spot welder, band saw and supporting machines lathe, driller, threading machine,tapping machine, milling machine, polishing machine, vibratory deburring machine,etc. Eolane maximum stamping capacity reaches 1300mm(51″)x1000mm(40″),material thickness 12mm(0.47″),deep draw depth 450mm(17.7″).


Fully integrated in-house tooling design and development, prototype, volume production, shipment and document, continuous quality improvement and cost reduction…, we are the one-stop source for most of your sheet metal forming and weldment projects. Now what we expect from you is just touring our website and receiving your inquiries.


Specification Of Our Precision Stamping Products

Feature Metal – stamping
Thickness Normally <=4mm,support special thickness
Material Steel: SPCC, SGSS, SECC, SPTE,SPHC,DC01,DC02,DC03,DC04
Stainless steel: SUS316, SUS304, SUS301..
Brass: H62
Al alloy:AL5052,AL5056,AL6061,AL6063,AL2217
And any other materials requested by customer
Surface treatment Painting, Ni plated, Au plated
Any other treatment requested by customer
Application Industrial, Communication, Automotive

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