Body Wash Bottles

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Product Name: Body Wash Bottles


Material: PET Materials; PP Materials


Capacity: 50ml-750ml


Slogan: You have a wide variety of choices



This series of body wash bottles are made of PET materials and PP materials. They are environmentally friendly and contain no harmful additives, which will not cause harm to the environment and ensure the health of human. The bottles are bright and smooth, giving the user a comfortable touch. The caps of these series of body wash bottles are spiral, ensuring the airtightness of the product and preventing moisture and internal fluid contamination.


The bottom of the bottle is exquisitely designed, mostly with a concave bottom, ensuring a smooth placement on a horizontal surface. The biggest feature of this series of body wash bottles is the wide variety of designs: bottle caps are available in both regular and electroplated paints, including gold and silver, which can instantly improve the grade of the body wash bottle to attract customers’ attention.


The pump can be either pressing or flipping. No matter which pump, it can ensure the convenience of liquid discharge and is convenient for the user. This series of body wash bottles are available in a variety of shapes, including flat and long, flat, thin waist, cylinder and cuboid. You can choose different types according to your needs.


At the same time, we also offer a variety of customized services, including capacity, color, LOGO printing and so on. This body wash bottle can be used for both body washes, shampoos and conditioners. XINRUN always lets all the production processes of this series of body wash containers in the dust-free workshop, and comply with the most stringent hygiene and quality standards to ensure the cleanliness and quality of the products. The details of this series of body wash bottles have been repeatedly considered by designers, combining a variety of factors such as appearance and practicality, and we absolutely guarantee the appearance of the beautiful, while the quality is the best, so you can rest assured to buy them.

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