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315W CMH Grow Light Fixture

Overview of 315W CMH Grow Light Fixture

Specially designed for CMH light

High efficiency electronic ballast

High output and improved spectrum

Warranty: 3 years

UL & ETL Certified

The Details of 315W CMH Grow Light Fixture

Imported German aluminum reflector with high reflectivity >98%

Low frequency ballast that’s highly efficient and reliable without electromagnetic interference

Compatible with ceramic metal halide grow light kit that offers full spectrum light, much closer to natural sunlight than the lights delivered by normal HID lamps.

315W cosmo Lampholder

Matched power cord included

The Advantages of 315w cmh grow light  offers a superior PAR value and CRI

CMH lamps run much cooler than other HID lamps

The light delivered much closer to sunlight, good for both vegetative and bloom stages

No acoustic resonance

The Specification of 315W CMH Grow Light Fixture

Number 1
Watts 315W
Input Voltage 240V
Input Power 343W
Norminal Line Amps 1.43A
Min Power Factor 0.95
THD <15%
Crest Factor <1.7
Performance Requirements
Rated mains voltage: 240V
Voltage range (+/-10%): 216-264V
Mains frequency: 50/60HZ
Operation frequency (typical): 140-220HZ

Case Length 193mm 7.60″
Case Width 236mm 9.29″
Height 468mm 18.43″
Mounting Length 181mm 7.13″
Mounting Width 65mm 2.56″
Weight 3.5kg 7.72lb






















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