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Finishing Services

What is Finishing Services?

When developing products, you need to make testable samples for various tests. In addition to the standard requirements for the performance of the materials and the consistency of the molding, many occasions need to beautify the appearance and connect the external parts. product finishing services often include finishing design services, metal finishing services, quality finishing services, industrial finishing services and so on. Parts produced by all processes face the challenge of improving surface quality. Post-processing of the manufactured parts is an effective way to improve the surface quality of the parts. That is exactly finishing services.


Finishing Services Processes


A variety of metals can be used and different effects can be achieved through variation of the thickness of the coating and different types of sanding and polishing. Electroplated parts feel much more substantive. There are three areas where improvement is most noticeable: strength, thermal performance and chemical resistance.


Colored Electroplating

Standard electroplating gives an impressive finish, but if you want to take aesthetic enhancement to the next level you can consider colored electroplating. This involves the same process as the regular electroplating described above, but afterwards the metallic surface is then sprayed with special paint. The final effect is stunningly high-end and completely transforms the part.


Vacuum Plating

Vacuum plating is similar to electroplating but with a much thinner metallic coating. Although electroplated parts feel solid and substantive, in some cases the added weight may not be desirable. Vacuum plating keeps the weight down while still giving an attractive metallic finish and improving mechanical properties.


Hydrographic Printing

Hydrographic printing can produce stunningly vivid colors that take the finish of any part to the next level. It also allows for a level of design complexity that is difficult to achieve using other methods. Hand-painting very intricate designs is extremely time-consuming, not to mention difficult. With hydrographic printing no design is too complex, and it can be applied very quickly. The part is only immersed in the water for a few moments and the entire process from beginning to end takes just a few hours, including the preparation and drying time.


Paint coating

We can supply three main paint coatings: high glossy paint, matte paint and leather paint.


  1. High Glossy Paint

The high glossy paint is shiny and bright, which highlights the lines and curves of the design. Fine polishing with high-gloss paint can make a simple part look new.


  1. Matte Paint

The matte paint can increase the depth of the texture, making the product more textured and looking more solid. Although the finish is not as good as the glossy finish, it is also very attractive if doing well.


  1. Leather Paint

The leather paint finish can make the product look highly fineness and better texture. Not all products are suitable for this finish, but the appearance and level can be improved if used properly.


Silk screen Printing

Silk screen printing is also named screen printing, is the text(or pattern) that is formed by allowing ink onto the product through the mesh. Silk screen pattern or text can be used for hollow finish, it will not be with a gel finish, not easy to fade, it is with a strong durability,and a good coating and strong adhesion.


Metal Brushing

The metal brushing process is to grind the surface by mechanical relative motion and chemical corrosion to get a macroscopic fingerprint surface with an uniform thickness distribution. The brushing process can get a non-mirror-like metallic effect, accordingly it will be beautiful and anti-erosion effect. The brushing process can be used to metal products such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper or iron.


Thermal Transfer Printing

The thermal transfer printing is a technique in which a pattern is printed onto a heat-resistant adhesive tape, and the patterns of the ink layer is printed onto the finished material by heating and pressurizing. The thermal transfer printing equipment is used to decorate aluminum profiles and various metal sheets to achieve the effect of wood or marble.



Anodizing, electrochemical oxidation of metals or alloys. In order to overcome the defects of surface hardness and wear resistance of aluminum alloy, to make the surface anodizing form an oxide film on the aluminum product(anode), thereby expanding the application range and prolonging the service life.



Polishing is a processing method of reducing the surface roughness by mechanical, chemical or electrochemical action to obtain a bright and smooth surface. Polishing can get a smooth or mirror glossy finish that improve the surface quality of the product.



Laser engraving also called laser engraving or laser marking. It is a surface treatment process that burns patterns or text on the surface of the product by a light energy of the laser beam. The words carved out by this technique are not nicked, the surface is still smooth, and the writings will not wear out.


Advantages of Finishing Services

Complete technology (providing a variety of surface finishing processes)

Leading technology (excellent post-processing technology)

Experienced (has a master with rich post-processing experience)

High processing efficiency (a variety of post-processing processes are optional, no need to go out)

High quality (after the processing of processed products with good surface quality and excellent performance)

Low cost

Short production cycle


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