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Advantage Analysis of Water Detector to the PQWT TC150

Searching for groundwater requires the aid of a professional underground water seeker to study topography by analyzing profiles. Groundwater is easier to find in low-lying terrain or terrain which is conducive to catchment. Secondly, combined with the water-rich of local rocks, it feels brittle when hammering, and soluble rocks such as brittle rocks and limestone are easier to find groundwater.



What principle is the water detector based on to find groundwater?



Based on the difference of electrical properties of underground rocks and ores (groundwater) and the natural electric field as the field source, an electrical prospecting instrument for solving geological problems is developed by measuring the variation regularity of several electromagnetic fields with different frequencies in the natural magnetotelluric field to study the anomalies caused by the electric field and different geological bodies.



Popularly speaking, it is to find the structure of groundwater storage conditions.



What are the benefits of using PQWT TC150 to drill wells?



Traditional well drilling can only determine the well location by the experience of drillers. To a large extent, it may cause dry eyes and suffer economic losses because of inaccurate location. Using water detector to drill wells can greatly improve the efficiency of completion, reduce costs, make more profits for drillers and win local business reputation.



Can PQWT TC150 be used abroad?



It can be used in the abroad. The PQWT TC150 is suitable for five topographies of the plateau, plain, basin, hilly and mountainous. There are no restrictions at home and abroad.



PQWT-TC150 natural electric field one-bond mapping geophysical prospecting (water prospecting) instrument adopts a number of patented technologies. The weight of the instrument is easy to carry. The measuring line only needs 10 meters. It can be operated by a single person, which saves manpower and haves the full touch interface, simple operation, external large capacity memory card. And the instrument has real-time automatic drawing function. It can react abnormally directly to the scene by real-time drawing for finding high resistance value and low resistance value.


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