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Standing Desk Accessories

When you understand the functions of the lift standing desk, and the benefits of using the lift standing desk. We Shared how to choose a good lift standing desk, through which aspects to identify the advantages and disadvantages of lift standing desk frame. Finally, we need to share more details about the lift standing desk. These include the composition of some of the regular standing desk foot accessories and how to use the elevating table in a more interesting way.

In the lift standing desk frame, in addition to some regular board pieces, there are three very important standing desk foot accessories.


  1. The first is the column, which is the most important part supporting the table, bearing the weight of the table, and also the key part of adjusting the height of the lift standing desk. So it can be called the limbs of the lift standing desk, is the executor of the lifting table to produce specific actions. In terms of shape, we can design the section of the column as a square, a rectangle and around line, which is in line with the client’s style requirements for the table. In terms of exterior color, we can spray the columns into regular white, black and gray. Or you can customize the color according to the needs of customers. Functionally, our single column can withstand the weight of 80 kg, the height adjustment range of 550mm to 1250mm, can meet the customer’s various height requirements, the expansion speed of 20mm/s to 38mm/s.


  1. The second part is the controller, which is like the heart of the lift standing desk and transmits a steady stream of power to the column through the motor. Controllers of various specifications can be connected to different Numbers of columns. The input voltage is 110/230 vac, all with the function of resistance to return.


  1. The third important part is the hand controller, which is like the brain of the lift standing desk, through which you can adjust the height you want and remember your height. If you use it at home, you can set three memory modes according to the height of your family, which is convenient for your family to use at the same time.


In addition to the above parts, our company also developed two products. Multi-functional standing mat and standing balance boards. Because of many customers after using our products, the formation of a variety of feedback. One of the most concentrated sounds is the feeling of fatigue and even pain in the soles of the feet during prolonged standing at work. Moreover, standing for a long time is rather boring, which makes some clients engaged in scientific research, design or literary creation feel monotonous. Through various development attempts, we finally found a better solution. That is, we have developed a standing mat that conforms to the acupoints and contours of human feet, and we have also developed a balance board that allows customers to maintain different standing postures. Once the product was launched, it was well received.


Therefore, the growth of our company is inseparable from the advice and feedback of customers. Only by maintaining long-term and effective communication and exchange with customers, can we achieve a win-win situation and truly create value for society. So, please give us more advice!


We are one of the most professional manufacturers of lift desk. If you are interested our products, please contact us!



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