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1000W Reflector HPS Lamps

Performance Data of 1000W Reflector HPS Lamps

Light Output (LumenslOOHrs) 150000
Lamp Lumens Per Watt (Lumens/Watt) 150
Rated Life(Hrs. 10 Hr.lStrat) 30000
Color Temperature (k) 2000K
Chromaticity (CIE-x/y) 0.522,0.415
COLOR Rendering Index (CRI) 25
Burning Position Universal
Hot Restart Time(min) 3-5
Photon Flux PAR 400-700 (pmol / s) 2100















Physical Descritpion of 1000W Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp

Base Designation E40X
Bulb Designation R110
Bulb Diameter mm(D) 110max
Max Overall Length(MOL)mm(A) 370max
Light Center Length(LCL)mm(B) 237
Effective Arc Length /
Max Base Temperature(℃) 250 ℃
max Bulb Temperature(℃) 700 ℃
Typical fixture ENCLOSE/OPEN
Socket Pulse Rating(KV) 5
















The Application of 1000w hps grow light Ideal for horticultural lighting and greenhouse lighting

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