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PFM1500 Automated vacuum casting system

  1. High precision and Intelligent manufacturing

It adopts Germany imported Rietschle vacuum pump, ultimate vacuum to ensure complete defoaming; the inner tank selects 5mm thick stainless steel plate to effectively prevent rust and easy to clean; specially selects the aviation plug connection line and uses imported sealing glue to effectively guarantee Equipment is airtight.


  1. Low cost and high efficiency

Using a rapid prototyping part or a CNCed model as a master mold, a high-strength silicone mold is produced under vacuum, then to clone the same replica as the prototype. A silicone mold can replicate about 20 products. The processing speed is more than ten times that of CNC, the processing cost is as low as ten or even dozens of times compared with CNC, which greatly improves production efficiency and greatly reduces the development cost, cycle and risk of direct tooling.


  1. Small batches production for big size parts

The mold size is up to 1500mmX 1200 mm X 1200 mm, which can efficiently realize the copying of large complex workpieces in small batches production, help to examine the appearance and structural performance of the products, and avoid the risk of direct tooling.


  1. Excellent mold operation

The soft molds after solidification molding are all transparent or translucent, have good tensile strength, and are easy to cut and shape.


  1. Personalized customization

According to the specific application requirements of the customer, it provides multiple configuration customizations such as vacuum pump configuration, liner material, and operation mode (automatic/manual).


Back profile:

Duch Group is one of the most professional rapid prototyping manufacturers china. With our automated vacuum casting system, you will get free access to equipment usage training, 3D rapid prototype china production training, post-treatment process solutions, and lifetime technical support to help optimize production and maximize profit.

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