Membrane Keypad

Are you looking for China membrane keypad?


Eolane SCM supplies:

EL back light membrane switch panel

Flat membrane switch

FPC membrane switch

Graphic overlay

LED membrane switch


Copper circuit on PC and PET materials

Options for membrane switch we usually adopt:

No tactile feeling when pressing.

More than 5 million times’ actuation life.

Can be embedded LEDs, inserted EL or EMI/ESD/RFI Shielding layer.


Metal Dome in switch

Offer good click feeling when pressing

More than 1 million actuation


Poly dome in switch

Has similar click feeling and longer actuation life comparing metal dome.

Cost effective competing metal dome.


There are other options for membrane switch, such as embedded LED, inserted EL back light layer, inserted ESD or EMI/RFI shielding layer and sealed structure (water proof function)


We are professional membrane keyboard company. Just contact us without hesitation!


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