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300ml Shampoo Bottles

Product Name: 300ml Shampoo Bottle


Material: PET materials


Capacity: 300ml


Slogan: Elegant life, intimate choice



The name of this product is 300 ml shampoo bottle. This product features a shampoo bottle with a beige cylindrical flask and a black screw pump. This way, the color of the shampoo bottle makes the consumer I feel the visual impact is very strong, but without losing the simplicity and elegance, the decorative shampoo bottles have smooth neckline and looks very beautiful.



The consumer can feel the grip when using it. This shampoo The water bottle is made of PET plastic. This material is environmentally friendly, light and heat resistant. The decorative shampoo containers are made of beige opaque design. This design can effectively avoid the possibility that the difference in color of different toiletries will make the table look messy.


This design is largely Improves the sense of style and sophistication of this shampoo bottle. The pump head used in this shampoo bottle is a black screw pump. This pump head can be rotated freely. It can be easily and effortlessly pressed during use. At the same time, it can avoid contamination of the contents of the bottle, so consumers can feel it. The sense of use and experience is excellent, so this shampoo bottle is also the best choice for elegant and refined life, which can effectively enhance the consumer’s life experience and quality.



This product has a capacity of 300ml and is medium to large in capacity. Therefore, this capacity is more suitable for repacking, gym or family bathing when carrying long-distance travel. All in all, this shampoo bottle can be used. Separately use different shampoos, conditioners, make-up removers, etc., so that the consumer’s family’s bathroom products will be more neatly placed, and at the same time, the consumer’s home environment can also be made. The interior design and decoration style are more harmonious and unified.


XINRUN can also print the logo on your bottle if you need it. The entire production process of the lotion bottle is carried out in a clean room, ensuring that the product is clean and free from any contaminants. We have chosen a safe and reliable transportation company, and the transportation process of the product is guaranteed to be zero damage under normal circumstances. This plastic spray bottle is one of our company’s flagship products. The annual output is very huge, the technology is constantly advancing, and the price concessions are also great. It is very trustworthy.

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