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300ml Oval Shape Shampoo Bottles

Product Name: 300ml Oval Shape Shampoo Bottle


Material: PET materials


Capacity: 300ml


Slogan: Elegant and round, full of charm



The name of this product is a 300 ml oval shampoo bottle. This shampoo bottle is different from other products. It uses an oval bottle and is matched with a round neck design for external visual effects. Look, this shampoo bottle can be very elegant and rounded as a whole. The bottle material of this shampoo bottle is made of PET plastic material. This material is environmentally friendly, safe and healthy, and has no pollution. It can be reused.



This elegant shampoo bottle provides consumers with a reddish color in color choice. Available in both black and green colors, and with a black pump head, it looks very personal and unobtrusive, making this shampoo bottle a high-end, sophisticated texture and visual experience. This shampoo bottle plus the pump head part, the total height is 170mm, wherein the part of the bottle height is 140mm, in addition, the height of the main body part is 96mm, the diameter of the bottle body is 200mm, so his capacity is 300ml, which The design is very scientific and reasonable, and can increase the effective volume.



In terms of use, this design is very suitable for household packaging, or for long-term travel. The bottle of this shampoo bottle is made of dark material, which is suitable for daily packaging needs. In addition, it is also suitable for products that need to be stored in the dark, such as some functional shampoo and hair care. Special products such as prime, this design makes the internal components of the product more stable. Therefore, this XINRUN shampoo bottle is not easily affected by changes in the external environment, and the protection of product quality is very good, which significantly improves the preservation effect of the product and the user. Use experience. In general, this product is characterized by elegant and rounded, full of charm.


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